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“It’s hard to say, Orange Wu and so on are simple, but you have three kinds of materials from the wild map BOSS, most of which are circled in the club, and the studio has enough goods.”. Even if you have the goods, if you find them like this, people will kill them with this thing, you know. Mo Qiang said. Yeah, I know. Ye Xiu nodded. There is no market price for such materials with limited production, because they are so few that they can not form a market at all. It’s a rare commodity. That’s what I’m talking about. If the studio gets it, it must wait for the opportunity to sell. Leave it to me first! Mo Qiang said. Chapter 0507 appeasement. There are three kinds of limited edition materials that can only be dropped by the wild map BOSS in the materials of the 50-level promotion of the thousand machine umbrella, and there is no such luxury in any previous promotion. This is all because the production of Qianji Umbrella is from level 5 to level 45, which can be said to be a relatively simple upgrade. From 45 to 50, it is the full opening of the thousand umbrella function. When the thousand machine umbrella was designed, it was based on level 50 as the final form. The final shaping is left to the last lift in order to save the consumables in the previous lifting process. Every piece of silver clothing will have such a final idea of completion as far as possible. The promotion before this is to save as much as possible. It’s just that the current silver outfit, the final completion body, is in the ascension of 65 to 70. However, due to the age of Qianji Umbrella, the completion body still stays at level 45 to 50. The materials needed for this promotion can be said to be impossible to put together in the current tenth district. But now that Ye Xiu is in the realm of God, he can do it from other old areas through these middlemen. Between the realm of God and the ordinary area is the principle of irreversible progress. It is possible to bring things from the ordinary area to the realm of God,radio shuttle racking, but it is absolutely impossible to bring things back from the domain of God to the ordinary area. Unless it was originally brought out of the area, it can be returned to the area as it is. If there is anything in your body that you only got in the realm of God, you have to leave it in the realm of God first. After dealing with these things with Mo Qiang, Ye Xiu continued to practice his level. A few days carefully, did not let anyone catch his whereabouts, although some slow down the speed of Lian Ji, but finally gradually wear away the patience of many people. This is as early as Ye Xiu expected,Warehouse storage racks, many people are just a whim, this kind of luck in the end there will not be too many people willing to continue to waste time here. Chen Guo learned that the situation had greatly improved, and opened the haze to accompany the training. Many people can help each other to improve efficiency to a great extent, and Ye Xiu did not refuse. Practice a morning, after lunch, everyone is a little rest, Chen Guo bored to look at all kinds of web pages, finally, in a forum to see the post published by Mo Qiang, hurriedly beckoned Ye Xiu to see. Ye Xiu went up to have a look, and sure enough, it was the video recorded by Mo Qiang that killed the five people. Not all. The whole content was quite long and the document was quite large, that is, what he sent to Ye Xiu at that time was only a small part. The content of the post, Narrow aisle rack ,Cantilever Storage rack, mainly the text, Mo Qiang seemed to complain about how difficult his week was. This guy is very treacherous not to say that his experience of killing is worth 150000. Kill five people in a week, so much experience, which obviously sounds very fake. Are all five of them fake? Knowing that he is being hunted down like this every day, he still insists on going online and polishing his own experience? Just from the video and text of this post, it seems that Mo Qiang has chased the five people several times with great difficulty, and now he is going to receive the reward happily. Damn it, you club bastards! Ye Xiu was reading the post when he received a message from Mo Qiang. What’s the matter Ye Xiu was stunned, would the club blame this account? This is what he didn’t expect. Ye Xiu also needs the money. Only by the means of the game, it will be very difficult to get these materials together, but Ye Xiu does not mind the RMB. How to save trouble, in fact, he is now the same mind. Say today is Sunday, wait for Monday! Mo Qiang said indignantly. Oh Then wait! When Ye Xiu heard this, he was also dumbfounded. It turns out that this is the problem, which is obviously normal. I’m sure no one wants to work overtime on weekends for this.
“Do you think this will be a delaying tactic?” Moqiang is obviously very distrustful of the club. Right here? You wait, there’s more behind! Ye Xiu said disapprovingly. What’s the matter Do you think you are dealing with a person? The club is also a company system. No matter what kind of expenditure, you have to go through the process. It’s good that you can get it next week. Ye Xiu said. I’m afraid of a long night and many dreams. Mo Qiang said, “If I had known that I would not have sent that post today, what if I had frightened the snake now?” “Post..” It can be deleted. Ye Xiu said. Right, right, right, delete it first. Mo Qiang hurriedly went again. Fortunately, his new post soon, but also only in one place, the response has not yet risen, hurriedly deleted, and then in Baidu search for a long time, found that no one has reproduced, this was relieved. Chen Guo looked at these two people in this wretched, really did not have the strength to complain. On the day of the Jiashi Club, a large number of Jiashi fans gathered at the gate to protest. On Sunday, as expected, everyone was very free. Although it is a protest, after all, it is also the enthusiasm of fans. In terms of Jiashi’s recent performance, this is by no means an individual extremist. So for these fans Jiashi can not be ignored, of course, is to send people to comfort, send food and drink, in every way to win over, and later it is said to invite some fan representatives to have a good chat together. A chaotic day passed like this. The next day Monday, the working day finally arrived, Mo Qiang did yesterday’s thing again, the post was sent again,Industrial pallet rack, and then went to contact the people on the reward side. Oh? Did you kill yourself? And recorded a video? Those who are on duty on Monday are really in charge, not the kind of staff on duty who just collect news on weekends. That’s right. Is the video sent to you now? Mo Qiang asked. All right, you come! The man in charge didn’t pay much attention to it. omracking.com

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